sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010

Friday's outfit

Body: Weekday ;  Harem pants: From Sweden (Stadium) ; Leather belt: Diy ; Boots: Spirit ; Ring: Fossil ; Earrings: H&M
Had this weekend wonderful time with friends from Helsinki! Talking, trying new food, doin' nothing, planning a vacation.. Thank you dears! <3 I'm again searching for hotels btw.. Like a crazy woman! Found a new cheap site! =) Nightie night!

maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Maula at September

My shoppings from Helsinki a week ago

From Gina Tricot sale (cuties!):
Basic tops from H&M:
These cardigans look kinda stupid, but wearing and accessorizing these rightly could make both really nice. I need to roughen these up! These are really nice quality and were in a major discount. So from Stockmann outlet:
Then some thrifted stuff: Three shirts, skirt, scarf and a coat. Together these were 13€. 
So from Jäähallin kirppis:
I LOVE wings and weathers! And bodysuits too! From Weekday sale:
From the Fashion Fair (Svetlana Farafonova):
Sorry for the poor quality of the pics! =)

sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Friday & Jenni Vartiainen

Such a great gig, it was all sold out! I was there with my hubby and a friend of ours. Had a blast! She is really charismatic and actually a really good singer. :) Great songs too!
Tunic: Thrifted (Zara) ; Shirt: H&M ; Leggings: H&M ; Shoes: Thrifted; Brooch: Raija Korpela ; Earrings: H&M ; Necklace: H&M ; Bracelets: Thrifted, H&M etc
And oh, got the rest of my hair cut on Friday! Happy! Got the bangs done already a week ago. Again went to Kampaamo Heidi and was happy with the result. :) 

torstai 21. lokakuuta 2010

Secrets of the wild

Leggings: H&M (new) ; Pink top: H&M (new) ; Top: Gina Tricot (new) ; Cardigan: Zara (new) ; Necklace: Asos ; Earrings: H&M ; Shoes: H&M (new) ; Rings: Gifts etc

Helsinki weekend

Major hiatus this time! Sorry! Spent last weekend at Helsinki. Was in the fashion fare, saw friends and family, did som shopping, spent time with girls. All the good things. :) And oh, I got my bangs cut last week! Finally! It was getting really irritating already.. But so here are some pictures from last weekend..
Friday's outfit:
Leggings: H&M ; Shirt: H&M ; Cardigan: Vero Moda Jeans ; Necklace: Asos ; Coat: Vero Moda ; Leather purse: Cristelle & Co ; Rings: Gifts etc ; Scarf: H&M (new)
Some crazy people from Saturday:
Multicolored skirt: Thrifted (H&M) ; Skirt: Indiska ; Shirt: H&M ; Scarf: Thrifted ; Rings: Gifts etc