sunnuntai 3. lokakuuta 2010

Time just goes so fast

Been really busy this week.. So not many updates! Sorry! And there was also some problem with adding the photos.. Well now it seems to work.. Kinda.. It's soooo slow! Here are some of my outfits of this week.. =)
Top: Zara ; Cardigan: Vero Moda Jeans ; Leggings: H&M ; Pendants: From Lofoten Islands ; Shoes: Thrifted
Skirt: H&M (new) ; Top: Dorothy Perkins ; Bracelets: H&M & Thrifted ; Shoes: Thrifted ; Earrings: H&M
This one is from a week ago when we were in a small weekend vacation. I'll put more (nature) photos when I have time. Hopefully soon. =) And also I have to put my rest Lofoten pictures and my recent shoppings (like for a monht's shoppings!) here.. I'm wondering do I even remember all I have shopped! Yaiks! Well lots of those I have already worn in the outfit posts.. But yeah, I'll do those things some day next week. Hopefully! =)
Dress: Drys (?Maybe it's the label.. From  Sweden a month ago) ; Shoes: Dinsko: Cardigan: Seppälä ; Belt: Kappahl ; IX pendants: From Lofoten Islands ; Rings: Gifts, Thrifted etc

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