torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011

Little grrrrrrrrrrrr

Pants: Tally Weijl ; Top: Weekday; Shoes: Bianco ; Belt: Guess (Second hand) ; Purse: Guess (gift) ; Hand harness: Asos (new) ; Rings: Gifts etc ; XY-necklace: From Lofoten Islands ; Glasses: Chanel ; Earrings: H&M

maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

So I wonder how is the sea weather right now..

Had wonderful time in the cabin despite all the bugs and insects! Oh, so many! Like crazy head banging and hand waving going on all the time! ;D Those really try to ge me lose my mind!! Anyway had fun with all the crazy laughter with friends and the stupid jokes. And all we heard from the radio was the sea weather, local advertising, schlagers and hosts that had serious speaking problems! That was hilarious! Didn't really do anything, just played, had fun with the animals, read books, had a sauna, took pictures (like the ones in the last post) and looked icky (like Breznev). So all the good things.  Thank you guys! =)

sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

Oh, how I love the sweet touch of the nature

Pictures taken by me this week. The beauty of the nature almost makes me cry.. 
The prettiest things are the real ones. <3 Oh no, now I'm getting sentimental. Let's just say I really LOVE summer.. and the pretty things and the not so pretty things also. :)

Checked day

Purse: H&M ; Shirt: H&M (new) ; Top: H&M (new) ; Shorts: GT ; Ring: Asos (new) ; Bracelet: From market in Rome ; Leather wedges: Don Donna ; Necklace: Seppälä ; Earrings: Global ; Belt: Tally Weijl (came with trousers)

lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2011

Getting orange

Shoes: Zara ; Purse: Cristelle & Co ; Top: Cvs ; Skirt: Vero Moda (new) ; Brlt: H&M (new) ; Owl necklace: H&M ; Bracelets: Thrifted etc ; Earrings: Asos ; Sunnies: Prestige

sunnuntai 17. heinäkuuta 2011

With the prettiest ring

Purse: Thrifted (Lancel) ; Pants: Zara ; Shoes: Icon ; T-shirt: Thrifted (Zara) ; Shirt: H&M ; Big ring: Asos (new) ; Rings: Pieces ; Belt: Tally Weijl ; Bracelets & earrings: ?

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2011

Hothot weekend with friends

Dress: Thrifted (H&M) ; Shoes: H&M ; Purse: Icon ; Necklace: Seppälä ; Sunnies: Prestige ; Ring: Cheap Monday ; Bracelet: Lindex ; Earrings: Seppälä
It has been REALLY hot. I would like to swim all the time! So we drove around Lappeenranta area to find different beaches last weekend. Next pics are from Suur-Saimaa.. I just love that place! Oh, the sweet silence it would have had without us. ;)