keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part IV

Some thursday night fun. :) First drinks at Cubanita! So good! Some mojitos, caipirinhas and strawberry daiquiris (well during two evenings)! Those were the real stuff, not any fake drinks going on! Mmmmmm, too good.. After 6 o'clock all the cocktails were priced take two pay for one. Nice! And the place was cool too. You can check the people outside from the top (it's on the second floor). You can also eat there (smelled really good!), but we just drank. :) 
I love my Matsumoto shoes that I ordered from Nelly few weeks ago from sale. I wore those first time that evening! Sooooo pretty and quite nice to walk AND they were only around 15€.
Wedges: Nelly Matsumoto (new) ; Dress: H&M (thrifted) ; Tights: Dorothy Perkins (new) ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Top: H&M ; Leather purse: Pieces (new) ; Feather earrings: New from Tallinn ; Ring Asos
Then to Texas Honky Tonk restaurant! Everything was too good! We took a starter together with my hubby and it had tortilla chips and with different dip stuff, beans, chicken, beef, etc (nachos muchos). For main I took chili beans taco and my hubby took big as yo' face burrito. Huge dishes and tasty!! We also took some tequilas and weird/delicious tomato juice and beer. And I took frozen strawberry margarita and it was awesome! 
"She's after my money. Like I care." =D
After eating we went to Clazz to listen some jazz. What a great evening. <3 

Some Tallinn time part III

I love the look of Rotermanni quarter! I adore the combination of old and new. <3 Puts your mind moving! So inspirational. 
I look like a pregnant girl! Ugh! SO bloated! What is happenin' to my tummy?! But a great day still and I love my new shirt that I bought that day from Stradivarius sale. Really nice combo of materials. Back of the shirt is satin as the top part is too. They didn't have my size, so I took L, but I don't mind. :) Really looks so much better in nature than in these pics.
Shoes: Crocs (new from Tallinn 24€) ; Leather purse: Pieces (new) ; Shorts: Promod (new from Tallinn 5€) ; Lace top: H&M ; Shirt: Stradivarius (new from Tallinn 7€) ; Feather earrings: New from Tallinn ; Ring: Asos
Then some take away sushi from Sushi Cat. Cute place and good sushi for a good price! :) 

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part II

On Wednesday we wondered around the city, went to Solaris roof terrace, had wonderful drinks, ate sushi, shopped and ate in a wonderful place called Von Krahli Aed at old town. Food was excellent, cheap (we both took different fish dishes 4-5€) and portions were big. It's also going for the organic feel with the wines, seasonal ingredients etc, so it's a big bonus. But most of all the place looked amazing! Such a charming place! :) You could also eat outside on the street or at the small courtyard, but we preferred staying inside 'cause we loved the feelin' it had. I really recommend going to Aed! 
Wedges: New Yorker (new) ; Shorts: Sisley (from Italy) ; Top: Naf Naf ; Cardigan: Sandwich (gift) ; Scarf: H&M (Thrifted) ; Sunnies: Prestige ; Purse: Lacoste (from Italy) ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Ring: Asos ; Earrings: ?
I walked almost the whole day with my new wedges. Those are actually quite comfy (not like rubbing or anything) but still my feet were killing me after 6 hours. I'm just not used to shoes like that.. I'm more like ballerina type of girl. Thought heels are SO pretty and I own quite many. <3 Well isn't it like they say: practise makes perfect. :) I hope that will happen!

maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time

We were few days of our holiday in Tallinn. Had great time! :) Good food, good drinks, shopping and beautiful city! Stayed in Park Inn hotel and it was close to everything. 
Food pictures are from Restaurant Vapiano in Foorum center. Really cool and comfy place. The food also was REALLY good and cheap. We took pasta with pesto and pasta crema di pollo. Huge portions! I really like the concept too! You see how they prepare the food and the portion is just for you. You just have to wait with you tray a moment. There is no table service and you pay in the counter after you are finished, but I think it's a cool thing. I really don't like the part where I have to wait for the waiter to give the bill.. In Vapiano you can be quick or spend as much time there as you wish. :)  
Wedges: New Yorker (new from Tallinn 5€!) ; Purse: Thrifted ; Pu shorts: Vero Moda ; Lace top: H&M ; Top; H&M ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Ring: Asos ; Feather earrings: From Tallinn ; Scarf: H&M (Thrifted)

Sun fun on Sunday week ago

Skirt: JC (new) ; Shirt: JC (new) ; Top: Ovs ; Rubber bracelets: Asos ; Leather purse: Cristelle & Co ; Shoes: Thrifted ; Minty horse necklace: Seppälä ; Earrings: Asos

sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

Anna Puu 20.8 at Virgin Oil

T-shirt: Wrangler (from Italy) ; Shirt: H&M ; Purse: Lacoste (from Italy) ; Pu shorts: Vero Moda ; XY pendants: From Lofoten Islands ; Feather & key necklace: Asos ; Rings: Pieces, gifts etc ; Bracelets: Gifts ; Earrings: H&M

lauantai 27. elokuuta 2011

Make a happy face girl!

Had some cake on Friday week ago at Aula.. And later some cava at Le Bonk (1€!). That is how to make a girl smile although I've been on low carbohydrates over a month. The sugar rush made me sleepy and lookin' like a pregnant woman (feelin' actually bloated now all the time, ugh)! Nicest thing! But it was all good. I had yummy cake, sparklin' and good company. :) But I'm starting to cut my carbs again after the holiday.. Waitin' for that!
Shorts: Sisley (from Italy) ; Top: H&M ; Bird shirt: H&M ; Jacket: H&M (thrifted) ; Leather purse: Cristelle & Co ; Tiger watch: Asos ; Ring: Asos ; Shoes: H&M ; Bird earrings ; Lindex ; Scarf: Pepe Jeans (new) ; Bracelet: ?
And I really did smile. :)

Quite animalish lady with the matadorish half

Skirt: Zara (new) ; Top: H&M ; Bird shirt: H&M ; Purse: Lancel (thrifted) ; Horse necklace: Asos ; Plato heels: Betty Flowers (from Italy) ; Ring: Asos ; Bracelets ; Earrings: Lindex ; Jacket: H&M ; Eyeglasses: Chanel
Pics are from over a week ago.. Trying to use more high heels! It's quite HARD!! But feelin' womanly and pretty. :)