perjantai 11. helmikuuta 2011

Oh, the fall is already coming

Here are my picks from the New York fashion week fall 2011 so far.

Firstly, I really fell for Mara Hoffman collection. I LOVE the ethnic references with the shapes and prints. Turbans look so fresh too. And the kinda subtle way of showing animal prints is alluring for me. These girls rock!

I also really liked BCBGMAXAZRIA collection. The lightness and sheerness in the materials was so pretty. Everything was really flowy and looked effortless. I liked the muted tones with few colour splashes. And the construction of the clothes was awesome!

Next ones are from Nicholas K collection. They look so cool with layering & in those colours!
Then Tadashi Shoji. I was just so happy seeing also knee lenght skirts and dresses! Goodbye minis?! I'm keen to the feathery style and  to the constructed top in the second one. 
Pictures from www.elle.com

Then listen & enjoy. She is so good..

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