lauantai 23. huhtikuuta 2011

Some sale shoppings etc, oh my...

I really like this first outfit. Dress is from H&M Concious collection & the blazer is thrifted. 
I love the jumpsuit! The silk and cotton mix jumpsuit (Numph) is ordered from Chemical Ltd. Cardigan (Vila) is from Stockmann outlet.
Top and shoes (Zara) from Stockmann outlet and pants from H&M.
Top and necklace are from Stockmann outlet.

Costume National silk/linen mix mix top + pants from Stockmann outlet, shoes from Sokos.
Some H&M stuff...
Skirt is thrifted (Nanso), belt H&M, top H&M and shoes from Stockmann outlet (Zara).
Shirt is from H&M, hat from Budget Sport, purse thrifted (Daniel Ray) and shoes Bronx.
Tfrifted shirt and thrifted Pertti Palmroth purse.
Lindex shirt, H&M top and H&M purse.
PIeces rings from Stockmann outlet.
Bvlgari Black unisex parfume that I ordered from Strawberrynet. Never smelled before, just read the description and reviews. I like it!
Puma shoes from Budget sport, belt from Kappahl & shirt from Stockmann outlet (Zoey M).
Thrifted dress. So pretty! Just worried about my tummy!
Thrifted H&M shirt.
Scarf from Stockmann outlet and beanie from Cross.
H&M cardigan & top + thrifted H&M skirt.
Thrifted Vila shirt.
Oh me, oh my! Oh no! ;)

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