maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

My Italian shoppings - finally!

OVS tunic on top. Benetton tops and Sisley shorts under.
T-shirt from a market place in Rome
OVS and Cotonella tops, Tally Weijl scarf and Lacoste purse.
Calvin Klein knit, Ethic skirt and Tally Weijl scarf.
OVS cardigan and top, Tally Weijl pants + belt.
On top Lee top, under Wrangler shirt and Lacoste purse.
OVS shirt, Sisley vest and Promod skirt
On top Noke dri fit shirt and shorts, under Nike hoodie and pants.
Benetton top from market place in Rome + new shoes.
4 new shoes - 3 from BettyFlowers and one from somewhere. Purse is from Carpisa.
All the jewllery is from a market place in Rome, price was 1-3€.
Then some other goodies.
Then at the end enjoy some music and the awesome summer feelin'.. :)

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