maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

A day trip to Tallinn 24.10

So nice little short trip with friends. Hubby had an eye checkup, 'cause of the operation he had in the end of August. Yes, he went glasses free! So jealous! So that was the real purpose of the trip. But it was nice to combine it with seeing friends we don't see really often (sadly so). But now to the beginning of the trip.. We had the best food in the ship! I'm certain of that! Sushi!! Mmmmmmmmmm! Our sweet friends wanted us to have something to eat on the way to Tallinn, so they decided to make yummy yummy precious things. Mmmmm again. And there was a lot of sushi! Thank you, it was the best thing ever! =) SO glad!!
And then more food in Vapiano.. Nice. :) I really love to eat!
Oh, the chocolate cake and the cappuccino. Mmmmmm. 
Shorts: H&M (new) ; Shirt: Thrifted ; Tights: Pieces (new) ; Coat: Seppälä ; Scarf: JC ; Boots: Spirit ; Leather purse: Thrifted (new) ; Bracelets: H&M (new) ; Sunnies: Prestige ; Feather earrings: From Tallinn ; Necklace: Asos ; Watch: Ice (new from the ship 17€!)

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