maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

New Look package and something thrifted :)

These I got from www.newlook.com. All were sale items. I'm really happy about everything I got. =) Shirts are for Teens 14-15 years. But yeah, I seem to fit fot that size too. ;)
2 shirts for 3.5€
Shirt for 3.5€
Snood: 1.2€ ; Sock glove (got gray ones and purple ones) : 2€
Cap: 2.5€

From thrifstore:
Skirt (Fransa): 3€ ; Bolero (Mango Suit): 3€
The bolero needs a bit of fixing. Buttons falling etc.. But that's a really small deal. 
Necklace: 20cents
I also got a black skirt labeled Share for 3€. No picture of that one.

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