keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010

Something new :)

Denim vest/ dress: Thrifted 3€ (originally Only)

Shirt: Thrifted 2€ (originally H&M)

I really needed a good flatliner for my new haircut. I found one in half price from Anttila. So it was about 20€ and it's ceramic too. I've had a small one earlier, but it takes ages to heat up and it's not really working properly.. So hoping that this one will do the trick.:)
And also with my new quite yellowish hair colour I needed a good silver shampoo. Yes, it's not allways such a good idea to colour your hair yourself! ;) So I got the Bonacure silver shampoo. Hope it works! =) I've had the one from John Frieda but it's not really working.. But for the bright side the smell is really good! =)

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