keskiviikko 23. kesäkuuta 2010

To the blue but happy for my skin

This was from monday. It was our final day in Helsinki.. Feelin' kinda crappy. Was soooooo tired. Well took some rose' and Alias in the evenin'. Was even more tired. 
So did a bit of shopping too on monday. Like cat food. It was from New Zeeland. Should be really healthy & good, but our cat seems to have a different opinion. Then wandered around some Second hands. 
Found these from the city center from a second hand boutique called Kaunis Veera. Wolford body 3€ and H&M skirt 3€:
So we left home on tuesday mornin'. Was sad to leave Helsinki. :/ But I'll be back (yes first time I spelled it "bag", yes please wish I was a bag)! Thanks for H&J for a good care. Had a blast! Love ya! <3 And was sooooo nice to see some other friends too. =) Wish to see everyone again soon!
On tuesday I picked up a package that I ordered from a net shop (http://www.minerva-cosmetics.net/). The lady (the owner) was really nice and delivered the package to the city center. So there were no postal fees. This was possible because we live in a same city, although quite far away from each other. Minerva shop has Greek skin care products from few different brands. And they have a clearance right now. So I ordered much. ;) But it was really cheap! And I was running out of some products..  Explaining, explainin, explaining.. All together was around 53€. Not bad. =)
So I will write some reviews after I have tested these. There are few peels, shampoos, lotions, a body butter, soaps, a makeup remover.. Things like that. Most of these are like mineral oil free, paraben free, propylene free etc... So can't wait to try these! =)
Look at the left middle section of this picture! Can you see a dog on the move. It is Yoda! <3

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