torstai 3. maaliskuuta 2011

Some new stuff

So yes, shopping!
First three clothes are from the blog http://www.thatschic.net/
Thanks for Rachel about the great service! =) She was so helpful. I had really nice time shopping and the delivery was REALLY fast too! 
So the things I got: Diane Von Furtenberg yellow cardigan, Rachel Polly pink dress and Gold Hawk tunic. Just waiting for the spring/ summer to come to wear these!=)
Then I bought from Esprit a EDC lace dress (-70%). So versatile! Can't wait to wear this. And I think it is perfect for travelling too. Quite wrinkle free & goes with everything. 
 Next two shirts are from Seppälä when we last time visited in Helsinki.
 And lastly some thrifted stuff from Helsinki.. Armani Jeans cardigan & Zara coat.
So this is it for now. Now I'm thinking about new eye wear.. Oh now!

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