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Some outlet shopping tips

So as I said in last post, I had a two week holiday in Italy (one of the reasons for my huge hiatus). First week of our holiday we spend in Tuscany in place called Celle Sul Rigo. Such a beautiful place! Prettypretty. Pictures of that coming later.. But now about shopping..
This is one of the firsts days of our trip. It was really windy. So we decided to go shopping! :)
Jacket: H&M ; Harems: H&M (new) ; Shoes: Icon ; Top: Costume National ; Purse: 2or+ by yat ; Rings: Pieces ; Earrings & bracelets: Lindex ; Necklace: Asos ; Belt: Kappahl
These pictures are from Valdichiano outlet village in Foiano della Chiana (in Tuscany).  I just LOVE outlets. :) Other days we also went to Soratte outlet in Sant'Oreste and Castel Romano designer outlet. These two are quite close to Rome. But the best we to get to these is by using car. So if you like shopping, go to outlets and make sure you have time to be there. You go crazy, if you don't have enough time!;) Soratte outlet we discovered by accident and had just half an hour. It was CRAZY. Well, shopped 3 shoes for 25€.. So a GOOD deal! Sometimes you find all the things you could wish for, but sometimes nothing.. You never know.:)  Also these shopping villages are quite nice, 'cause the brands have own shops and it's quite easy to find the stuff you really like. They are really like regular shops, but with reduced prices. There are usually no piles of clothes together in a mess (actually I myself like a little digging of messy piles too). The shopping villages are really clean and neat and they also have some cafes and restaurants. Best time to go to outlets is January/February and July/August, 'cause it's the sale time also in there. We didn't have such a good time now, but still found some good deals. :) 
Also we found a nice little outlet from Rome. It was quite close to city center. It was in Via Appia Nuova 147. There were designer stuff in really cheap prices.. Of course there were also more expensive stuff.. But also some really good deals, like D&G shorts for 40€. I did not find anything this time, but I saw a lot of potential.:) It was more about wrong sizes for me. Tried many things, just did not find a good fit. But you never know what you could find. :)
This is all for now. I'll post my shoppings also later. :)

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