sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

Rajaton Monday

We've had a really good time with friends visiting this weekend and last weekend also. =) It is SOOOOO nice! So been a bit busy. Sorry for the hiatus again!
Last Monday we were in Imatra big band listening Rajaton. Here I am with my new hate/ love shorts on that day. But with the price of 3€ I don't care. I actually kinda like these quite much! These have a special squeaky sound also! ;) But don't you dare to wear these in summer heat! Unless you really want to be called mrs sweaty pants.. =)  It was a colder day so I dared to put these on. Tried also a turban.. Liking the turban, not the hairdo. Worst ever! I've had recently MANY bad hair days. It's the HEAT that's doing this for me. 
PU shorts: Vero Moda (new) ; Shirt: Thrifted (Esprit) ; Shoes: From Rome; Purse: Thrifted ; Scarf: Tally Weijl ; Bracelets: Kappahl, thrifted etc ; Earrings & necklace: H&M
Loved loved loved them! <3 The music touched deep down inside. It was really emotional! With voices like that, there is no need for other instruments.

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