lauantai 2. heinäkuuta 2011

The day with summer theatre

Lace top: H&M (new) ; Top: H&M (new) ; Shorts with suspenders: Sisley ; Purse: Lindex ; Flats: H&M (new) ; Bone necklace: Asos ; Elephant necklace: Seppälä ; Bracelets: Gifts etc ; Rings: Pieces, from Rome, gifts etc ; Earrings: H&M
Yesterday we saw Nummisuutarit on Lappeenranta summer theatre. It's a famous finnish act written by Aleksis Kivi on year 1864. Cool experience! Nice to be outside (and it was sunny!) to see culture. I mostly enjoyed the singing parts. :) After the theatre we went swimming and having some cava with friends. I love summer. <3

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