keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

With the grandpa underwear type of clothing solution

I started a new job on Saturday! :) It's more like a regular (part time) job and I'm really glad of that. These pictures are from my second working day on Monday. I'm glad it was a pretty day, 'cause I used bike (it was the first time in a whole year!). Now my buttocks are hurting.. Autch.. I SHOULD make it a habit. ;) With the habit: no pain, that is what they say. 
Pants: Object (new) ;  Leather coat: Vila ; Top: H&M ; Sequined cardigan: Vila ; Shoes: H&M ; Purse: Mexx (thrifted) ; Bone necklace: Asos ; Bracelets: Gifts ; Rings: From Rome ; Scarf: H&M ; Earrings: Really old from Russia
All stoked with my uglypants. =)

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