sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part V

Final day at Tallinn.. Had such a good time! Would definitely go again for few nights! :)
 Hot coffee break in a bit higher place.. :)
 Again at Vapiano! Yummy pizzas! :)
Pants: Promod (new from Tallinn 10€) ; Top: Costume National ; Jacket: H&M (thrifted) ; Shoes: H&M ; Purse: Thrifted ; Panther watch: Asos ; Ring: Asos ; Feather earrings: New from Tallinn ; Scarf: H&M
 I got my UGG Heimdall (sale -50%)!! SO comfy! =) It was a pre-wedding anniversary gift. <3 Lookin' exited! Let the winter come! Well not. But at least I'm prepared.
Then at the ship.. It was REALLY warm so we spend almost the whole time outside. Muchmuch nicer than bein' inside. :) 

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