tiistai 25. toukokuuta 2010

Saturday in Helsinki

First about the crazzzzy shopping I did on friday. =) So I was in a extra special sale.. There had to be your name in a list to get in. And thanks to my friends I had my name there. Thank you SOOO much!! I was so exited and found so much fun stuff! Specially I found many sample items and went crazy for those. After all I bought like 20 items (but the prices were REALLY low!).. ;) Ough! Girl gone crazzzy! What a adrenaline rush! I'll be showing the clothes in the "outfits of the days" or just for fun in some day if I have time. Top below is from the sale btw.. LOVE the back. I think it's actually more fun in real life. ;) Pictures just don't tell all..
Turquoise top: Only sample (new)
Top: H&M
Boyfriend jeans: H&M
Flip flopos: Havaianas
Leather bag: Christelle & Co
Earrings: Asos
Necklace: Asos
Bracelets: Thrifted, Dorothy Perkins etc.

So I spend the day in the city center with my friends.
First I went alone to the Hietalahti thrift marked. I took it easy and enjoyed my time there wondering around. =) I just love the place!
From the thrift marked I found a Zara dotted top, GT shirt, bracelets and necklace. AND a ring I just love! See it on the picture below. <3 It' better in a real life than in the picture. I've just resently started wearing rings occasionally. Now I may want more.. Well, maybe on july. I'll try to control my shopping more for a month now.. :)

Some indian food.. Got hungry! Had to eat.:)
Then we spotted with my friends that in Narikkatori there were an event by Finland's national ballet. They danced pieces from famous ballets and also from recent ballets and from those that are coming in this spring and summer. :) They were so good! So talented! And the music was great! I almost cried in one piece most because of the music. Here are some pictures from the event..

I adore those dresses! <3 I want a tutu!

After the show I had the see the new stores in Aleksi. There were Weekday, Monki and a more modern H&M. From Monki I bought such a cute light blue hair piece. Loving it! =) Will show it some day later..

Then we left home and of course it started to rain like crazy and thunder. Kinda fun tho!
We were all wet the time we got home.. I was kinda squeaking while running (still got really wet!) to the apartment.. Feeling girly..?;) And btw it's not so smart to run with flip flops.. Although it IS kinda smart. When you are with flip flops it doesn't matter that the shoes get wet! :)
Then some "Friends" with friends with some sparkling rose. =)

Nightie night!

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