torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

Imogen Heap @ Tavastia

Imogen Heap is such a great artist! So charismatic! And the band and the props (I SO loved the tree with the birds and the flames etc) and all. Oh!!! :) But but.. Tavastia was all sold out, so it was TOO full of people. Some even didn't get to the main area but had to stay in the bar and see the gig from the tv. And me and my friends had to leave early 'cause the place was SO hot and there was really not enough air. We we sweating like pigs (I normally do not sweat, hardly even in sauna) and feeling sick. Felt like fainting. Some people even fainted.. One of my friends stayed just for 4 first songs and then left to downstairs to bar area, 'cause she was feeling too sick.. Rest of us stayed longer but were in agony all the time even thought the spot we were in was not so crowded.. But yeah we left downstairs after one and half hours and then left completely 15 minutes later.. Such a shame to be gone early. She was so good! A real artist! And those stories between songs.. It's nice to hear the stories behind the songs. =)
But yeah, here is the outfit of that day. Felt really comfy & just myself. Teenish maybe?! ;) Anyway, that's me and my teenish feeling:
Top: Gina Tricot ; Jacket: Thrifted (Vero Moda) ; Pants: H&M (new) ; Necklace: Asos ; Bracelets: H&M, Thrifted etc ; Earrings: H&M ; Shoes: Thrifted (Clarks)

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