keskiviikko 24. marraskuuta 2010

Some time no see

Yes, this winter takes all juices out of me. I'm dressing poorly 'cause it's cold all the time and I have to survive. And I don't survive, 'cause there is not enough clothes in this world to survive. I hate this. And good pictures are hard to take because it is dark all the time. Oh my... I SO wait for the spring. And hey it will come! =) Maybe I'll make more skincare and makeup posts in the winter time. Let's try. Actually I just ordered mineral makeup samples from 3 different places (Blusche; Adorned with Grace Minerals; Cory). I've done this whole project to find my match few years before and I thought it was over when I found right cmpany for me, but oh no.. Now the company is gone. Earthenglowminerals just disappeared. And I loved their foundation! Tears... So now I'm looking for a new base. And in the same time when I discovered that EGM is gone I got to know that my face cream is also gone! Korres ended the production of Sugar Crystal Cream. It was the best. And I will never find something similar. I have something still left, so I enjoy to the end although it's already expired. BUT I don't care. ;) I now have something from Estelle & Thild. So I'll tell about that when I start using it. Feels quite good.. But let's see.
To different subject.. Last week we were in Helsinki all week. It was sooo nice. Spending time with friends, eating, music.. =) Here is one of the outfits of that week..
Tunic: Thrifted (Zara) ; Leggings: H&M ; Shirt: H&M ; Earrings: H&M ; Rings: Gifts etc ; Necklace: From Lofoten Island ; Snoodie: New Look; Coat: From Shanghai ; Shoes: Thrifted ; Bag: Cristelle & Co ; Leg warmers: ?
I'll put more photos soon.. Including my shoppings. :) Good night!

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