keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010

There has been signs of shopping

So these are the things I shopped last week from H&M sale (well I also bought something to my hubby and some kids things for relatives).. Prices were 3-10€.. :)
I LOVE love love these bird shirts! I first bought the black one. then I just had to get the greenish one too. So pretty! =) Feeling girly.
Some earlier shoppings.. First three from H&M (knits just to keep me warm).. 
Rings, earrings & two headbands from Lindex..
Next ones are thrifted from Turku and from Lappeenranta..
The coat is SOOOO pretty! It's 70% wool, but still more for the spring time.. 
A gift from parents in-law from their vacation.. :)

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