perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Why vacations always make you more tired?

Back at home.. Came yesterday. Had wonderful time at the vacation! :) It just ended too soon.. as always. Now I'm tired.. It is 'cause of the perfectly lazy days. 
Today was like the worst weather ever and now there is snow everywhere. It's like winter hell.. Not winter wonderland as some others might say. I really am afraid to drive. Or maybe it is enough to see 2 meters ahead of you. And tossing with the car is also fine. And maybe it is a good exercise to pull the car out of the snow banks. And freezing, what could be better? All the good things! ;)  But well, IT IS really pretty now.
Next pictures are from a week ago just before leaving to Airisto.. Looking so excited! More photos from the vacation coming soon. =) 
Top: GT ; Cardigan: Zara ; Boots: Spirit ; Trousers: Kappahl ; Scarf: Thrifted (Pieces)

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