maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

Call me crazy if you wish

Ok, so some of the shoppings I've done during a month's time maybe.. Some I have already worn in my outfit posts. Some I care not to show.. Like black pants (harems & skinny ones)! Those are not so photogenic hanging there all alone. ;)

These are some of the stuff that just came from H&M mailorder..
I LOVE scarfs! These have much linen.. So for the summer! =)
These are from a friend's thrifting day a week ago.. Tho one shirt is missing ("men's" yellow shirt for the summer). And actually those killer heels are quite comfy! I've been wanting a pair of nude heels. :)

Next one is from GT sale.. Bought also a large black shirt, black satin top & THE pretty dress.
Next ones are from Stockman outlet about a week ago.. All was -60% from the sale prices. So ridiculously cheap! Body (I've been obsessed about the bodies.. so this is the third lace one in a week.. oooops!) & Scarf are orig.  Zara, Cardigan (I love the sequins in the shoulders!) Vila & the shirt Numph. Also bought some jersey stuff. And for my hubby I bought a Tiger of sweden blazer! So cool! =)
Last time (new year) from Stockman outlet.. The beige leather jacket was like 15€!
From Lindex sale..
From Monki sale.. It's the back of a top.
Some "older" ones from H&M, Vero Moda & Dinsko.. I LOVE the jacket. Cool spanish feeling! =) I'm just waiting for a opportunity to wear it. The one with just a shoulder (such a pretty shoulders!) is a H&M long dress. I'm just wondering should I cut it to the knee..

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