maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

My favs of last year

Last year I've been lovin' : harems (so much!), playsuits, bodies, snoodies, layers, leggings (so comfy but now the heat is going away), all kind of jewellery (big, small, modern, vintage, colorful, monotone..), rings (first time ever!), scarfs, long dresses, chunky heels, leather boots, men like shoes, Havaianas (as always), long cardigans, chunky knits, feathers and all with animal pictures. That was my year of clothing myself. :)
Favorite pieces of last year are the Zara long gray cardigan, Zara black tunic with Indian feel, GT b&w animal tank top, Vila gray leather jacket, Marc Jacobs heels, H&M thrifted big denim like skirt, H&M bird shirts, Weekday black body, Black rain coat, Only playsuit, H&M b&w leggings, H&M gray/black leggings, Zara kinda harems, Zara long African like dress, Asos horse pendatn, Asos bone necklace and Cristelle & Co purse.. =)

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