maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

Hair is my crown

I've been having bit of a hair problem.. It went kind of gray.. Well green and gray. Scary! The purpose was to get REALLY blond hair, meaning white.. I would like to have it for the last winter months and for the summer make it more natural again. So this is my desire:
Hope I get it next time from my hairdresser. Next apointment will be two weeks from here. No more ash now! Like never again! A bit scared how it turns out this time.. But still can't wait! She is SO good with the cuts.. And a really nice person also. :) So I really hope the color works out this time. Lets just hope the new color will be better than the last one. Or if the color is not possible, we could figure out something else that is cool..
Next picture (maybe a week ago) is after the colouring gone wrong and after deep cleansing it MANY times. Not scary anymore. But not white either. Just grayish.

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