keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part IV

Some thursday night fun. :) First drinks at Cubanita! So good! Some mojitos, caipirinhas and strawberry daiquiris (well during two evenings)! Those were the real stuff, not any fake drinks going on! Mmmmmm, too good.. After 6 o'clock all the cocktails were priced take two pay for one. Nice! And the place was cool too. You can check the people outside from the top (it's on the second floor). You can also eat there (smelled really good!), but we just drank. :) 
I love my Matsumoto shoes that I ordered from Nelly few weeks ago from sale. I wore those first time that evening! Sooooo pretty and quite nice to walk AND they were only around 15€.
Wedges: Nelly Matsumoto (new) ; Dress: H&M (thrifted) ; Tights: Dorothy Perkins (new) ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Top: H&M ; Leather purse: Pieces (new) ; Feather earrings: New from Tallinn ; Ring Asos
Then to Texas Honky Tonk restaurant! Everything was too good! We took a starter together with my hubby and it had tortilla chips and with different dip stuff, beans, chicken, beef, etc (nachos muchos). For main I took chili beans taco and my hubby took big as yo' face burrito. Huge dishes and tasty!! We also took some tequilas and weird/delicious tomato juice and beer. And I took frozen strawberry margarita and it was awesome! 
"She's after my money. Like I care." =D
After eating we went to Clazz to listen some jazz. What a great evening. <3 

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