perjantai 30. huhtikuuta 2010

Weekend in Helsinki! =)

Friday's outfit (in Helsinki!):
In the van. Doing the moving of parents-in-law. That's why the hoodie etc.. ;)
Hoodie: Vans
Jeans: Pepe Jeans
Vest: Seppälä
Shirt: Jack bb Dakota
Shoes: Adidas

Also done some shopping on friday:
From Kappahl sale: Brown skinny jeans 7.45€; b&w hairband 2.40€; Red hair clips 1.2€; Black&Gray snoodie 3€
Also there was a 50% off from all sale going on in Hairstore (Malmi). Bought some hair products that I (we) needed. Yaya! Happy! =)
Loving the dress!!! Sand black silk/ lace dress for 60€ from Stockmann outlet. Had been before 379€! So GOOD! Feeling really PRETTY even when I was in a fitting room! =) Looks so much better in nature or in a good picture. And I got a smaller size than normally! What's that?! Woman feels always better in a smaller size. ;) Better pictures coming some time later.


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