perjantai 9. huhtikuuta 2010

A good day :)

Shirt: Jackpot
Pants: Thrifted (Premoda)
Necklace: ?
Earrings: Fossil
Scarfs: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted (Lancel)
Leather belt: Self-made
Shoes: Vintage Gabor
Leather boots: Spirit
Coat: Thrifted (Gsus)

Today I met some nice people. :) 
First the bus driver stopped for me after his bus stop when I missed the bus stop and was still waving and running for the bus. So I was grateful for him because the bus goes just once in a hour. This would not have happened in Helsinki. In Helsinki busses don't wait. 
Second nice person was an old man in a market place. He just stopped me just to say that he thought I was dressed nicely. Allways a nice thing to hear. :)
Then at work there were several nice people who really lift my spirit. 
Last but not least.. Our car was being "disobedient" and I was almost late from the gym class. So it was already completely full when I came. But the teacher said that I could come and she just would be without a gym mattress. So I got to the class and what a feeling after that! It was so great! So pumped up! 
So a good day this must be. :)

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