lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010

Something blue

This morning at 11 I went to the Lappeenranta city theatre, cause they were selling some theatre clothes off. But it was SO crowded I couldn't get in so I went away and returner about hour later.. Found nothing there. Kinda had some hopes, but.. That's okay. :) I will survive.
Water proof coat: Jou jou
Shoes: Spirit
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt: Thrifted (Vila)
Leggings: H&M

I bought a vintage type of dress (4€) and bracelets (1.5€) from thriftstore today. I have not decided yet do I really like the dress or not.. Kinda cool BUT... Don't know. :) Colour is good for me though (hospital color!!). Anyway I have to shorten it about 10cm to make it fresher. Now it's about 10cm under my knee, not a good lenght now:

Playing with the dress with accessoriess:

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