perjantai 2. heinäkuuta 2010

But hey it's the sale time!

Today I did some underwear shopping. My hubby really insisted! Yes, sometimes it's time fot this kind of shopping.. You know. But not pictures of those.. Wonder why! ;) So found some nice undies and tights also. All were sale items.. Of course.
But next pictures are from earlier shoppings. Some of these I've already worn. I tend to wear new things right away. =)
Such a poor picture! These above are from our day trip to Kotka and the shop was Vila. The tops (same styles) are cotton/ linen mix and I took a bigger size than usually, 'cause I wanted a looser fit. The design is actually really interesting (oh the poor pictures, you really can't tell!)! Quite simple but with a groovy twist. :) The striped thing is a leggings.
So these above are all from H&M. The bracelets were 1€/ set (biggest set had 4 pieces), earrings were 1€ also. The shorts were 5€, the belt 3€ and the cap was 1€. Bought also a ring for 1€ that is not in the picture. 
These scarfs are from Stockmann outlet two weeks ago. The two random ones (Vila) were 1€/ piece (had been about 20€ before). The blue/ white big silk scarf was about 6€. Bought also some other things from our Helsinki trip, but I think I've already shown those in the daily outfits (two tops, two heels and a bag).. Those were also sale items. Of course again. ;) Now it's the end of the shopping for a while. Well, it's quite easy in Lappeenranta after all.. Not too many choices of shops! Better that way. Better for my shopping habits. 
Nightie night!

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