maanantai 19. heinäkuuta 2010

I got sequinned

Just hangin this evening at Myllysaari beach... :)
Picture under from yesterday: Just foolin' around with a sequined dress.. Been mine for 2 years.. Haven't used yet.. Just waiting for the right time. Actually it's really rare not to use clothes I buy right away. Well this is kinda special. :)
Today tried on clothes I'm plannin' to wear next saturday on a relatives wedding... Actually I'm also their photographer that day and I'm getting quite nervous. Haven't phographed weddings for few years. And NEVER phographed in a church! And I kinda hate flash lights and it seems I HAVE to use one. Gosh.. I love taking the pictures, but in a wedding, there is quite a pressure. And the flash! Oh no!
Under a sneak peek of the clothing I'll brobably wear in the wedding:
Good night! Oh, and about sleepin' in the hammock.. It was interesting.. Woke up about 20 times and actually felt quite cold suprisingly. The air was kinda moist and the temerature dropped, but I was brave & happy. =) Actually I slept half of last night there too. This night I'm going to sleep inside. Nightie night!

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