maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

Back from the Lofoten islands

Got home about two hours ago.. We drove almost 3500 km! We drove 2 days to Lofoten and 2 days back. In there we spent 5 days. The nights we stayed in a place called Moskenes. Such a great trip! I just loved the Lofoten islands! SOOOO beautiful! I'm certain I'm going again to Norway. And next time I'll take my hubby with me. <3 And now I'm obsessed about climbing places! Climbed two mountains and now i'm addicted! It's so scary but so amazing! I love the place! Oh, the mountains, the sea, the villages, tiny bit of shopping.. And it was sunny almost all the time and quite warm. =) And saw animals I haven't seen before. Amazing!!
So I'll put some pictures to the blog during the days to come... It will take time 'cause I took about 1300 photos.. So yeah, more photos coming (not all 1300!!) and i will tell more about the trip then... =) Now doin' some unpacking and some laundry! Yes the greatest things... :p

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