perjantai 13. elokuuta 2010

Back in home..

Yes, came back to Lappeenranta yesterday. Had such a good time in Helsinki! Bit sad now but in the same time happy to be home. :)
Cardigan: Zara ; Top: Thrifted (Only) ; Shorts: GT (new!) ; Bag:  Kathy Van Zeeland (From Italy two years ago) ; Shoes: Maybe from Portugal? ; Necklace: Asos ; Earrings: Asos & Thrifted ; Rings: Gifts, Thrifted etc
From Linnoitus area..
Got this brooch today from Täky Galleria. It's linen and made by Raija Korpela. Cute. =)
Quite yummy salmon salad in cafe Alexandra! =)

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