sunnuntai 15. elokuuta 2010

Good Saturday

Pants: Zara ; Blue top: Ralph Lauren (from USA) ; Shirt: ? (from USA) ; Jacket: Thrifted (Clockhouse) ; Scarf: ? ; Flip flops: Havaianas ; Purse: Thrifted ; Earrings: Fishbone
Had a blast! Lots of food, friends, goin' bit crazy, finding stupid music through Spotify, bit of white wine, running Phoebe style, feminine complaning (just a bit!), lots of laughter, cappuccino, marshmallows... All the good things. =) Plus a screw in my heel. How nice. But great evening still. Now I'm afterall glad to be home after our kinda holidays. Although I love Helsinki, lots of good things are here too. =)

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