torstai 19. elokuuta 2010

Oh the sun the sun, how I'm goin' to miss you

Done bit thrifting today.. :) The dress is originally H&M Divided & the balloon kind of skirt originally Kappahl. I really like these!
Also got a package from Asos on Monday. The jumpsuit was on sale and I have wanted something that kind.. But have to be done some altering. My skin is kinda showing between the buttons in front.. And I don't want that! Also got Batiste dry shampoo. I really like the smell (Boho), reminds me of someone.. I don't know who, but it's a nice feeling anyway. =) Works also nicely! My hair gets nice volume! Also got some Korres face creams (Sugar Crystal Antioxidant), but had some problems with those.. Faulty products, lets see what happens now when I've sent them back.. Right now I'm not really happy with their customer service. But I'll get back to that later. =)

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