torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

Good times with the girls =)

So yes, tuesday I spend in Helsinki with few girlfriends. Had such a good time! <3 And later in the evening our hubbys joined us. A really good day! Some hangin', thriftin', coffee, sparklin', sushi and Inception (the movie)... By the way a really good movie! we all recommend! Wishin' to have more these kinds of days. =)
By the way, the text is backwards.. It's actually called Kaarna.
Picture below: near Hietalahti thrift market..
Pictures below: goin' to the Sushi roll and bein' in the Sushi roll.. It's a new place in Eira. Quite nice. =) I LOVE sushi! Yummy! <3
Yes, a huge hand in my chest.. But the lady in the shirt was so cool.. =)
Pants: Zara (new!)
Shirt: Zara (new!)
Sunglasses: Prestige (new)
Earrings: Asos & Fossil
Flip flops: Havaianas (from Brasil)
Bag: Cristelle & Co
Nightie night! =)

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