keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part III

I love the look of Rotermanni quarter! I adore the combination of old and new. <3 Puts your mind moving! So inspirational. 
I look like a pregnant girl! Ugh! SO bloated! What is happenin' to my tummy?! But a great day still and I love my new shirt that I bought that day from Stradivarius sale. Really nice combo of materials. Back of the shirt is satin as the top part is too. They didn't have my size, so I took L, but I don't mind. :) Really looks so much better in nature than in these pics.
Shoes: Crocs (new from Tallinn 24€) ; Leather purse: Pieces (new) ; Shorts: Promod (new from Tallinn 5€) ; Lace top: H&M ; Shirt: Stradivarius (new from Tallinn 7€) ; Feather earrings: New from Tallinn ; Ring: Asos
Then some take away sushi from Sushi Cat. Cute place and good sushi for a good price! :) 

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