maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time

We were few days of our holiday in Tallinn. Had great time! :) Good food, good drinks, shopping and beautiful city! Stayed in Park Inn hotel and it was close to everything. 
Food pictures are from Restaurant Vapiano in Foorum center. Really cool and comfy place. The food also was REALLY good and cheap. We took pasta with pesto and pasta crema di pollo. Huge portions! I really like the concept too! You see how they prepare the food and the portion is just for you. You just have to wait with you tray a moment. There is no table service and you pay in the counter after you are finished, but I think it's a cool thing. I really don't like the part where I have to wait for the waiter to give the bill.. In Vapiano you can be quick or spend as much time there as you wish. :)  
Wedges: New Yorker (new from Tallinn 5€!) ; Purse: Thrifted ; Pu shorts: Vero Moda ; Lace top: H&M ; Top; H&M ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Ring: Asos ; Feather earrings: From Tallinn ; Scarf: H&M (Thrifted)

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