maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

My love for stunning coriander was shown through salsa

.. meanin' the plant, not the dance. ;) And yes this doesn't have anything to do with my post.. Well I really made salsa that day and I love the coriander (the smell is exquisite!) I used to that. I've figured that if happiness comes from buying a small coriander bush every day, I should do that. So I guess happiness comes from small things. =)
Shorts: Sisley ; Top: Vero Moda ; Flip flops: Grandha ; Ring: Asos (new) ; Scaf: LINE (new) ; Necklace: asos , Leather purse: cristelle & co : Earrings: Kappahl ; Watch: Asos
And then another brilliant Icelandic musician... :) This video is so special.

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