tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Some Tallinn time part II

On Wednesday we wondered around the city, went to Solaris roof terrace, had wonderful drinks, ate sushi, shopped and ate in a wonderful place called Von Krahli Aed at old town. Food was excellent, cheap (we both took different fish dishes 4-5€) and portions were big. It's also going for the organic feel with the wines, seasonal ingredients etc, so it's a big bonus. But most of all the place looked amazing! Such a charming place! :) You could also eat outside on the street or at the small courtyard, but we preferred staying inside 'cause we loved the feelin' it had. I really recommend going to Aed! 
Wedges: New Yorker (new) ; Shorts: Sisley (from Italy) ; Top: Naf Naf ; Cardigan: Sandwich (gift) ; Scarf: H&M (Thrifted) ; Sunnies: Prestige ; Purse: Lacoste (from Italy) ; Necklace: Indiska (new) ; Ring: Asos ; Earrings: ?
I walked almost the whole day with my new wedges. Those are actually quite comfy (not like rubbing or anything) but still my feet were killing me after 6 hours. I'm just not used to shoes like that.. I'm more like ballerina type of girl. Thought heels are SO pretty and I own quite many. <3 Well isn't it like they say: practise makes perfect. :) I hope that will happen!

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